The entire collection has over 120 different traits, lead Degen Geeks to a very unique and original collection.

DG Characteristic

As stated in the storyline, Geeks are a group of people who are super hyped for certain kinds of things which might be sports, photography, gaming, or whatever you can think of. Degen Geeks would definitely like to keep his favorite things in his hands, like comic books, skateboards, cameras, keyboards, gamepads, lab test tubes, and more.
Traits Breakdown


The traits of most NFT projects in the market are similar and everyone seems to have aesthetic fatigue. Being creative is one of the values of the project. So we found a genius artist, IBek, his art usually uses very bold colors and exaggerated details to show the shape of the characters. This goes well with our Geek theme. It took the artist months to illustrate each feature, and it went through a rigorous selection process by our team, culminating in the final collection.
Throughout the whole art process, we not only focus on the diversity of the traits but also focus on the quality of the art that will be delivered to our community. With the complexity of traits and comprehensive design, we believe collecting these NFTs is something to be proud of.