Degen Geeks is more than a PFP. The team will be dedicated to the creation of the brand, being creative, to let more people love NFT through Degen Geeks.

Stage One

  • Geek Fund Wallet Set Up✅ Establish a DAO system to give voting power on all major decisions, and set up a Geek/community wallet.
  • Staking System Set up staking system for Degen Geeks holders. No lock up, holders can unstake or restake at all time. Learn more about staking system through:

Stage Two

  • Raffles Start regularly occurring airdrops and raffles of additional Degen Geeks & $SOL. The rewards of the raffles are to be expanded and diversified through each stage!
  • Alpha✅ We will begin sharing alpha with our community; we don't want to be limited by just NFT projects. We aim to provide information on a variety of crypto-related projects and investment opportunities! Become a holder to have access to the holder-only alpha call channel in discord.

Stage Three

  • Build the Brand Continue our marketing efforts post-mint; we don't want to peak pre-mint, we want to continue to grow and bring new eyes to our community! We will continue to make amazing art, music, & content, and we will continue to partner with different projects to solidify ourselves in the $SOL space.
— Accessing holder-only channel in discord by having a Degen Geeks. Magic Eden