Degen Geeks storyline
It all starts with a group of super-hyped nerdy citizens called the Degen Geeks, who are known for their obsessions for video games, cryptocurriences and whatever keeps them hyped. They live in a Geek Town, located in the busy suburbs of Web 3.0.
Life in the town could have been so much easier for the Degen Geeks except for one big hurdle - monster traffic jams! This proved to be a nightmare and has created a huge barrier for the Geeks to move around as they choose.
But everything changed for good when a proposal was made to build a railway to connect the Geek town together. Once built, Degen Geeks could travel, chill and vibe together on a whole new level.
The idea around Degen Geeks is to present Geeks as cool individuals with their dynamic lifestyles and get rid of the stereotype around Geeks and spread the Geek culture to real life.
The story continues…