This is a project for Degens, not a Degen project. Hey Geeks, Be Degen, Be yourself.

What are Degen Geeks

We're creating 4,321 NFTs with incredibly varied and diversified art. We are all different people but we all belong in Geek Town! We're creating a community that has the same mentality. Self-acceptance, emotionally driven and wants to have fun.
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Empowering the community through creativity

We are here to bring changes to the shitty-hyped and money-grabbing NFT market by adding a variety of different utilities. In the long run, creating an outstanding brand is our ultimate goal where holders can literally bring their Web3.0 assets to Web2.0, chilling and sharing with others.
Degenerates are those that accept that they work on emotion, we think, we reason, we adopt a rationale, but at the end of the day we always “Degen”. We accept our Degen behavior, and we enjoy it.
We are who we are, we use rationale & reason but even if it completely makes sense we won't do it if there's no emotion behind it.
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