We are all Degens & Geeks ourselves. We know what the community wants because we're a part of the community ourselves.


Co-Founder 🔗Twitter
Rov has multiple years of Degen experience. E-commerce, Web3, animations, and video games. These are just some of his interests. He's the Co-Founder of Degen Geeks.


JJ is also one of the Co-Founders around here. He's previously worked for Deloitte for over 2 years as a consultant. His passion for crypto, comic books, and Degening eventually led him to become a DegenGeeks Co-founder.


Co-Founder / Collab Manager 🔗Twitter
Joee is our Co-Founder and also Head of Collab managers. He's worked with some big $SOL projects as well! He's not just living the Geek lifestyle, he's been molded by it.

Doc Dyor

Co-founder / Community Manager 🔗Twitter
Doc our Co-Founder and Community Manager. He's worked with multiple projects within ETH/SOL, embracing the Geek lifestyle and being first in TLS within the space. Doc will be the lead for our Community. Make sure to let him know if something is up.


Artist 🔗Behance
IBek has been working and developing NFTs for over a year, and he's been animating projects and creating comic art since 2015. He's the epitome of a Degen Geek: talented, creative, and Web3 obsessed. He's responsible for most of the amazing DegenGeeks art.


Marketer 🔗Twitter
Louis is an experienced marketer in Web 3.0, who worked with several other well-known projects. He's also the big brain of Degen Geeks
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